Aura review

Very good work! Not necessarily my style, but they are definitely unique and look nice, I can appreciate the hard work the developer puts into the icons.

Mikey Kuplevatsky

Aura review

Giving it five stars, because even though there is a smaller amount of compatible apps, what apps ARE compatible tend to look very nice. I can definitely appreciate the quality-over-quantity approach that the dev seems to be taking. Get this if you don't it potentially taking a while for your request to come to fruition. Because once it does, the aesthetic will likely be quite satisfying.

A Google user

Juno review

5 stars - Very Nice and Vibrant Colors!

Kimberly Rogers

Circons review

5 stars - My new favorite icon pack 😎. Keep up the exceptional work 💪

Aleksandar Djudic

Circons review

5 stars - Lovely icons! Thank you for frequent updates.


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